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The Malibu Mocktail

The Malibu, is the first craft tea-mocktail we launched at the tea bar. The Malibu features our Coconut Green tea. This loose leaf has a green tea base and is flavored with real coconut flakes and extract, so on its own it’s naturally sweet and almost creamy in mouthfeel.
Our tea geek Ken Kawachi said in regards to the thought process behind the drink that, 

“The goal was to create a crisp, clean, and refreshing drink with an emphasis on tropical feelings out of Coconut Green tea. After multiple tests, one shaker accident resulting in a ruined shirt and tie, and the will to continue, the Malibu came to life. “

These tropical feelings came in from of spearmint sprigs and a choice of fresh housemade strawberry or mango puree, all shaken and strained over ice.  The vibrancy of these ingredients both highlight the loose leaf, but also allow for the natural creaminess and refreshingly light aftertaste to shine through. 

For now, as we build out our new tea-mocktail menu at the tea bar, we’re sampling all of our creations! So far we've gotten pretty rave reviews in the drinks ability to highlight the Coconut Green tea from tea connoisseurs and novice tea lovers alike! Come share your tasting notes with one of our tea geeks and see what the tea-mocktail scene is all about.  

Tea People The Malibu Mocktail Recipe

Malibu Cocktail


  • 4 oz Coconut Green Tea

  • 1 oz strawberry or mango puree

  • Spearmint

  • Ice


  1. Put 4-5 leaves of chilled spearmint in shaker

  2. Fill half of shaker with ice (around 1.5 cups)

  3. Pour in 2 oz of Coconut Green Tea

  4. Pour in 1 oz strawberry or mango puree

  5. Pour in 2 oz of Coconut Green Tea

  6. Shake

  7. Pour over ice in 12 oz glass

  8. Top with spearmint sprig

Print out this recipe and try it for yourself or swing on by the tea bar (8 Octavia, SF) to taste it!

Malibu Mocktail