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Here at Tea People, we're not afraid to admit that we're a team full of tea geeks. From budding leaves, all the way to avant-garde uses beyond the cup, we love learning everything we can about tea! Our straight-forward approach is what makes us different. We don't do stock photos of tea farmers. That doesn't connect you with the tea. Fancy tasting notes-- while helpful-- also don't move your soul. Our mission is to make quality tea approachable, so we need to make it intimate, straight from the source. 

The industry doesn't talk about sourcing the way we feel it should. Sourcing is often convoluted. How many times has the tea changed hands before it appears in your cup? How do I know if the tea is high quality? How can I trust that the farmers #DoTheRightThing and produce quality tea? We ask ourselves these questions all the time, and we're in the industry! That's why we dedicated a whole page to all things #sourced. From #farmtocup we've got videos, guides, stories, and of course hand curated teas from all out trips abroad. 

There are THREE need to knows about how we source our teas:

  1. We Source Transparently (Not Just Responsibly)
  2. We Select Teas That Align with Our Mission
  3. We Only Work With Good People