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Ingredients for Strawberry Jasmine Rose

There's nothing better than being in the park, by the lake, or at an early evening BBQ in the summer time. Our Strawberry Jasmine Rosé was inspired by all of these moments where you want to sip on something a little sweet and floral, a little alcoholic, and something extremely refreshing. We used Boba Guys' take on an agua fresca and made it with a stronger tea concentrate, then we spiked with it was a dry Rosé. Not only is this the easiest summer cocktail to make, but you can customize your sip with various fruit and Jasmine tea strengths and different bodies of Rosé.

*Best shaken over ice, not stirred. 

And as always, make sure to sip and #steepresponsibly.

Tea People Strawberry Jasmine Rosé Recipe

Pouring Tea into cup


  • 2 oz Jasmine Green Tea

  • 1 oz strawberry puree

  • 3 oz Rosé (dry body or less sweet floral notes)

  • Ice


  1. Make your own strawberry puree by muddling or blending fresh strawberries or by using your favorite jam

  2. Add 2 oz of Jasmine tea concentrate (double the strength of your normal steep)

  3. Add 3 oz of Rosé

  4. Shake with ice, strain, sip.

Print out this recipe and try it for yourself!

Printable Recipe Card for Strawberry Jasmine Rosé