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Our Top Ten milk tea

When we think of loose leafs that play well with milk, we think back to our first experiments in attempting to concoct the ultimate cup of milk tea. We started using Boba Guys Blend No. 1. With three different types of black teas, all hand blended together, it really is our favorite tea to add milk to. But at Tea People, we're huge fans of adding milk to a lot of our teas. For example, we couldn't think of drinking our Lavender Black any other way, and same goes for our timeless Indian Chai! Adding milk to black teas is the most common way to make milk tea, but try adding a splash of dairy to some of our green teas like Lychee Green or  or Jasmine, and we promise that you're in for a tastebud treat! Check out all of our Top Ten and you won't turn back from adding milk to these steeps.