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Ingredients for Mango White Claw Fresca

The Mango White Claw Fresca, part mango, part jasmine, part White Claw. Need we say more?

The mixed drink recipe is an alcoholic spin off of Boba Guys’ Mango Tea Fresca, a summer favorite featuring our Jasmine Green Tea and housemade mango puree. The difference? We replaced water with a splash of a mango White Claw Hard Selzter to give you a little buzz while you sip away. It’s the perfect drink to batch up and enjoy with friends at bbqs, the beach or on camping trips!

Where to buy White Claws Hard Selzter: You can find mango flavored White Claw at most major grocery stores or convenience store in single cans, six packs or in the 12 can Variety Pack No. 2. If you can’t find White Claw specifically, feel free to substitute with mango Truly Hard Seltzer, peach mango Henry’s Hard Sparkling Water, or mango Bon Viv Spiked Seltzer.

Makes one serving. Please steep responsibly!


Tea People The Mango White Claw Fresca Recipe

Finished Mango White Claw Fresca


  • For Jasmine Green Tea Concentrate

    • 1 tbsp Jasmine Green Tea

    • 100 mL hot water

  • For Mango Puree (makes 3 cups)

    • 1.5 cups cold filtered water

    • 1 cup cane sugar

    • 2 cups diced fresh mango

  • 100 mL mango White Claw (or hard selzter brand of choice)

  • Ice


  1. Brew a tea concentrate with 2 tbsp of Jasmine Green Tea in 100 mL of hot water. Brew for 8 minutes. Strain into glass, set aside.

  2. To make mango puree, add cold water, sugar and mangoes into blender and blend until well-incorporated and smooth. Pour 100mL of puree into glass. Refridgerate extra puree for up to 7 days.

  3. Add 100 mL of mango White Claw hard selzter to glass. Stir well.

  4. Stir, sip, enjoy!


  • White Claw Slushie: To make a Mango Claw Fresca Slushie, add 100 mL tea, 100 mL puree, and 100 mL White Claw to blender with 1.5 cups of ice. Blend until smoothie for mango brain freeze!

  • Strawberry Raspberry White Claw Fresca: Follow the recipe exactly, substituting 2 cups of fresh mango for strawberries and 100 mL of mango White Claw with raspberry White Claw