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A Gaiwan is beautiful ancient design from the Tang Dynasty. The vessel comprises of three sections each with a meaning in Chinese culture: Saucer (Earth), Cup (People), and Lid (Heaven). The harmonious balance of the three sections helps with heat retention, avoiding spill, and ease of brewing. A Gaiwan is an excellent solution for individual brewing and also group endeavors.

Measuring cup, gaiwan, tea leaves.

Tea leaves getting put into gaiwan
Put leaves into gaiwan.

Hot water being poured into gaiwan.Pour hot water onto sides of gaiwan.

Tea leaves brewing in gaiwan.Nudge lid to the side to allow a small opening between the lid and the cup.

Action: Lifting the gaiwan and holding bottom plate with three fingers.
Lift the gaiwan and grip it with three fingers under the bottom plate.

Holding gaiwan lid in place with thumb.
Hold gaiwan lid in place by holding it with thumb. 

Pouring brewed tea into serving pitcher.
Turn gaiwan 90 degrees to pour tea into serving pitcher.