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Lychee Green Tea

The summer season is here and there’s nothing we love more than a simple, easy cold brew tea to cool us down! Making cold brew iced tea is nothing to be intimidated by. In fact, some of our favorite teas taste better cold than hot! Cold brewing allows for your loose leaves to slowly unfurl and extract the complex flavors without letting your tea get bitter from potential oversteeping.

In this recipe, we’re going to brew our Lychee Green tea in our single serve brewpot. This smooth, fruity loose leaf is a blend of lychee fruit and fragrant green tea. If you do not have our Lychee Green, don’t worry, you can use several of our other teas using these same instructions!

Tea People Lychee Green Tea Cold Brew Recipe

Lychee Green tea brewing


  • 4 tsp Lychee Green Tea

  • 350 mL room temperature water


  1. Put 4 tsp Lychee Green Tea in your Single Serve Brewpot

  2. Fill brewpot with room temperature water

  3. Leave in refridgerator overnight to brew

  4. Pour into glass and enjoy! (The brewpot will strain your leaves as you pour.)